I’ve been keen on Keane for years and fortunate to see them three times in New York, all in big expansive venues. To see front man Tom Chaplin and hear his beautiful voice in the intimate confines of Bowery Ballroom is a real treat. Touring to support his new solo album, The Wave, Chaplin gives us a collection of songs inspired by his liberation from addiction and the darkest recesses of the human experience (as he explains) to a place of resolution, fulfillment and happiness.

He opened with a number of songs off the new album that reflect the dark: ‘Hardened Heart,’ ‘Worthless Words’ and ‘Solid Gold,’ which he wrote for his ‘long-suffering wife’ and the light: Still Standing,’ ‘The Wave,’ and ‘See It So Clear,’ the latter being his favorite on the album. My personal favorites were ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Better Way.’

I don’t think Mr. Chaplin could get away without performing a few Keane songs, so he did. They were complementary and interspersed throughout the set, following the pattern of dark to light: ‘Bend & Break,’ ‘Silenced By The Night,’ ‘Clear Skies,’ ‘Bedshaped,’ ‘Sovereign Life Cafe,’ ‘Crystal Ball’ and ‘Everybody’s Changing.’ I’m thankful he’s found the light because the world needs his voice. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this Chap.

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