In the turbulent times of Trump, its said that artists will emerge as critical voices of resistance. It seems the times are right for LA-based MUNA and their loudspeaker of songs of strength in the face of adversity. Even since singer Katie Gavin and guitarists Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin released their full-length album, Around U, a week or so ago, they’re already performing a new song, ‘In My Way,’ in response to the autocratic insanity.

A MUNA concert is a place you go out dancing, and lay down your weapons, as summoned in their set opener, ‘I Know A Place.’ This was the song that got me hooked on MUNA, and their album has been on non-stop shuffle and repeat for the better part of a week. ‘Around U’ is my favorite track. ‘Everything’ is a slow-building barn burner and ‘Crying on the Bathroom Floor’ reminds me of the Stranger Things opening credits and has inspired the title of another chapter in my yet-to-be written autobiography. It’s a song about the inner-struggle that comes with being mistreated, not necessarily by someone else, but by ourselves. Dark pop, yes, but relatable.

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