It’s been at least eight years since I saw Allison Goldfrapp last. It was a couple of shows at Radio City Music Hall and at the time I felt the room consumed her. So I was a little reluctant to see her again, but I was beckoned by my friend Ricardo to join him, so I agreed. Got a cheap, last-minute ticket online and I was on my way. She was played Brooklyn Steel, a gritty new venue that’s similar to Terminal 5 in size and set-up but without the suck. In this room, Allison was in her element.

While she was touring to support her new album Silver Eye, Allison played all of her best tracks across her catalog of albums that stretch back 17 years. Check out her entire setlist on Spotify below. My favorites of the evening included her newest single, ‘Anymore,’ and long-time faves ‘Ride a White Horse,’ ‘Number 1,’ ‘You Never Know’ and of course, ‘Ooh la la’ and ‘Strict Machine.’ Will not hesitate to see her again in the future.

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