Only a couple of artists per year grab my ear then consume my Spotify for two solid weeks. Twenty-two year old Swedish singer songwriter LÉON (Lotta Lindgren) is the latest ingenue to do so. In the past year she’s dropped three EPs and is now winding down a small venue tour across North America. I feel fortunate to see this young talent in such a small venue before her career takes off.  And, I’m a believer that she will.

Warming up the room was 28-year-old, LA-based Wrabel, a gifted songwriter with a big voice on tracks like ‘Bloodstain,’ ‘The Village’ and ’11 Blocks,’ an ode to a boy who broke his heart. I really connected with the song ‘We Could Be Beautiful.’ Later, he made an appearance with LÉON on her song ‘Surround Me,’ clearly moved by the reception he got from the crowd.

With the sold out crowd inside (le) Poisson Rouge sufficiently warmed, LÉON and her band of three genetically superior gents opened with ‘Treasure’ and ‘Body,’ the latter channeling vintage Stevie Nicks. There’s really not a track I’m not a fan of, but a few highlights included ‘Nobody Cares,’ ‘Tired of Talking’ and her best known song, ‘Think About You.’ But her best moments were delivered during ‘Liar,’ an Adele-esque track the evoked throngs of girls (and me) to sing along to mounting lyrics like ‘if it’s love, it is rough. Why am I not enough? and the slinky single ‘For You,’ a lush and delicious track I think .

For her encore, she was accompanied by her dreamy pianist Nick with an acoustic mash-up cover of Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams,’ penned by the aforementioned songwriting sorceress. In the end, I’m on the LÉON fan train. Get into her. Go see her. You won’t be disappointed.


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