Day 1 - FIB Festival 2019

It’s hard to believe The Family Jewels is nearly 10 years old.  MARINA has come a long way since I saw her very first U.S. show at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn.  A decade later, she’s dropped the Diamonds in her name, she’s matured, she’s more secure, and I think she’s genuinely happy.  Gone are the days of wearing her heart on her cheek and playing dive bars.  She’s certainly never looked better.

Playing SummerStage in Central Park, Marina packed them in. The venue has changed a lot since my last visit a few years ago, and for the better.  Despite no options for non-drinkers (note: my latest side hustle is encouraging New York restaurants, bars and venues to offer better non-alcoholic beer options), the venue is magical as the sun sets and orange light penetrates the swaying tree branches.

Pulling from four albums, Marina has amassed an impressive catalog, and made good choices for her Love + Fear tour.  She opened with divine single ‘Handmade Heaven,’ appearing statuesque on a pedestal center stage while seducing the crowd with her sharp arm choreography.  ‘Enjoy Your Life,’ ‘Orange Trees’ and ‘Superstar,’ which she wrote for her boyfriend, are standouts on the new record.  My favorite throwbacks included ‘Hollywood’ and ‘I Am Not A Robot’ from The Family Jewels, ‘Teen Idle’ from Electra Heart and ‘Blue’ from Froot were other favorites of the night.

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