I’m discovering it’s a right of passage when bands you grew up with tour to celebrate milestones of their founding or important albums.  Tonight the magic number is 40 — three bands celebrating 40 years since their founding.  While the headliner was my beloved B-52s, I was very excited to see openers and synth-pop, new wave bands Berlin and OMD, both of whom I’ve never seen perform live.

I learned a few things about Berlin.  First, they’re not from Europe, they’re from Orange County, Calif.  Second, they released a new album, Transcendence, in 2019 and it’s really good and true to their roots.  Finally, Terri Nunn proved to be as stunning and iconic as I imagined she’d be.

At 58 years old, Nunn looked fantastic in a black and gold dress, signature two-tone blonde hair with dark roots, and still oozing a rock star confidence.  The flashback fun got going with ‘No More Words’ and ‘The Metro,’ and a couple of fan favorites, ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Sex (I’m A…).’  As the opener of three acts, it was a short set list so they only managed to play one new song, ‘I Want You,’ which Nunn set up as an ode to where she’s at in life: ‘Remember when we were young and sex meant you had to be love and it mean something?  Fuck that — now I just wanna get laid,’ she mused. #myspiritanimal

Obviously Berlin’s best-known hit was ‘Take My Breath Away’ from the 1986 film Top Gun.  For this song, she climbed on the shoulders of one of her sturdier security guys and had him mill about the crowd while she crooned to the crowd.  Not really a rock star move, slightly awkward, but Terri Nunn can do no wrong. I’m so thankful I got to see one of my childhood crushes live and surpass my expectations.

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