The B-52s are that weird band,’ gnarled front man Fred Schneider before performing ‘Whammy Kiss.’ ‘I’ll meet you by the third pyramid,’ answered Kate Pierson in ‘Mesopotamia.’ ‘Why won’t you dance with me?‘ Cindy Wilson wailed in ‘Dance This Mess Around.’ Weird, wonderful and waging on.

My beloved B-52s headlined this culmination of 120 years of post-punk, new wave, electro pop, following Berlin and OMD. I’ve seen the kids from Athens so many times over the years, and always with my Double B brother, Brian Flink.  This evening both Kate and Cindy were on fire — Cindy killing ‘Give Me Back My Man’ and the aforementioned ‘Dance This Mess Around’ and Kate is always pitch-perfect on ‘Planet Claire’ and ‘Private Idaho.’  Fred took a three-song break while the ladies held court performing ‘Deadbeat Club,’ ‘Juliet of the Spirits’ and ‘Roam.’ Other favorites included ‘Channel Z’ and ‘Cosmic Thing,’ the title track to their 1989 mainstream breakout, and ‘Party Out of Bounds’ from Wild Planet.

Until next time, the Double Bs will meet you by the third pyramid.

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